5 Powerful Tips Business Owners Should Follow to Supercharge Their Facebook Advertising ROI

Facebook Advertising-According to Statista research data, Facebook had 1.28 million daily users as of the first quarter of 2017 (statista.com/statistics/346167/facebook-global-dau). Let that statistic sink in for a moment. Over one million Facebook users log in each and every day. That’s a gigantic number of eyeballs you could have access to if you were advertising on Facebook. With powerful benefits like geo-targeting, Facebook ads are a must-use tool for business owners determined to grow their brand online. Whether you want to connect with new customers in your geographic area or increase your e-commerce engagement rate with international prospects, Facebook ads can deliver you the eyeballs you desire. To maximize the effectiveness of Facebook advertising, there are critical factors you need to understand. Incorporate the following tips into your Facebook advertising strategy and prepare to be amazed at how quickly your social media marketing efforts will be rewarded.

Facebook Advertising ROI

– Have a clearly defined Facebook ad strategy. Know the goals you want to accomplish, who your target audience is, and how you will measure results. When you combine geo-targeting with a well-defined strategy and top-level ad copy, your Facebook advertising ROI will go through the roof.

– Understand your Facebook advertising options when developing your ad strategy. Will promoted posts deliver the results you want or should you opt for an audience network ad? With everything from sponsored stories to marketplace ads at your disposal, it is imperative you understand the benefits of each ad format and how it aligns with your business goals.

– As part of your goal-setting strategy, determine whether your priorities are connecting with current Facebook followers or acquiring new social media connections. Your answer will determine which Facebook advertising option is most likely to deliver your desired results.

– Use Facebook ads to grow your email list. Offer a special promotion in exchange for an email address. The money you spend on ads is often recouped by the increase in business via your email subscribers when you remarket them. 

– When developing an advertising strategy for Facebook, don’t forget your top priority should always be creating copy your audience adores. Ads will only get you so far; if your customers discover your ad and are greeted by mediocre content or offer, they’ll leave your landing page never to return again. Make it your mission to ensure the content you share on your Facebook page is so awesome that followers will wish they had discovered your business’ brand sooner.

With an ever-increasing number of customers getting their information from Facebook instead of search engines, it is crucial for business owners to build a strong presence on this mega social networking site. Doubling-down on Facebook advertising can have a huge impact on the effectiveness of social media outreach. Will you be increasing your usage of Facebook ads this year?

Reference: https://www.statista.com/statistics/346167/facebook-global-dau/

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